Alone Together©, By Rachel, 2002
All Rights Reserved - Copy or Duplication is Prohibited

She'd had a busy week and was very much looking forward to relaxing in a nice long bubble bath. She often spent the weekends at Chris's house; this weekend was no different. And she was looking forward to taking advantage of his huge Jacuzzi tub as he was working late tonight and wouldn't be home for hours.

While the tub was filling she lit candles and turned on some jazz. The warm soapy water covered her body as if someone was pulling a satin sheet over her skin. She sighed as the water swirled around her tired body. She picked up the sponge floating in the water and ran it over her skin. As she lay there massaging her tired muscles she felt an unexpected warm tingle. She knew that Chris would be more than happy to take care of her urges when he got home but she decided that she'd rather be satisfied now.

She set the sponge aside, closed her eyes, and sank down a bit more, letting her hand run across her collarbone. Her fingers slid down her wet body and delicately danced across her nipple until it was taut. The sensation between her legs was growing; she brought her hand down as she bent her leg allowing herself freer access to her own desires. She gently glided her hand across her mound and moaned at the delight it brought her.

Lost in her growing pleasure she didn't hear the front door open. Chris had wrapped things up early, wanting to go home and spend some time with the woman he loved. As he climbed the stairs he saw that the house was dark but could hear music coming from somewhere. When he reached the top he saw the warm glow and steam lofting out of the bathroom. Not wanting to startle her he crept to the doorway and peered in. What he saw took his breath away, her laying there, breasts covered in a layer of bubbles, slowly rising above and falling below the water. He could see that she was pleasuring herself, warmth suddenly spread through his groin. He stared at her, transfixed by the vision before him; he was startled when his name escaped her lips. Excited, he brought his hand to his expanding length and gently massaged it through the denim so cruelly containing it. He let a small grunt escape his throat.

She spun her head around to see him standing in the mist. Even though they had been together for a while part of her was still embarrassed that he had walked in on her, but even more so, it turned her on.

Her hand slowed but never stopped moving, "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to spend some time with you tonight. But it looks like you started without me."

"Well it's not too late to join in, I've only just begun." she said seductively raising an eyebrow.

"It's not that I don't want to but, Christ. You're turning me on so much. Can I watch you?"

"You can on one condition." she licked her lips. " I want you to tell me what you want to do to me while I'm touching myself."

Without a word he walked over to her and stood there for a moment, drinking in every ounce of her beautiful body. He slowly unbuttoned his jeans, moaning at the pressure against his erection as he lowered his zipper. He slid his jeans off then pulled his t-shirt off over his tousled hair. The lip around the edge of the tub was big enough for him to sit on so he took his place sitting opposite of her with his feet in the water, his hands resting on his thighs.

"Talk to me. Tell me what you want to do to me." Her hungry eyes burned through him.

"I'd start by placing small kisses up and down your neck, finding my way to that spot behind your ear that makes you squirm" he said with a devilish grin, "and stay there for a while sending chills through your body. Next I'd move down to your beautiful breasts and bring your nipple to my mouth. I'd gently lick it, teasing it until it was hard then bite and suck it until you screamed with pleasure."

"Oh baby, that feels good", she moaned as her free hand mimicked his words cupping and caressing her breast, squeezing and flicking her nipple. Chris wasn't able to contain himself; he slipped off his underwear letting her see what she was doing to him. He began stroking his shaft.

"When you'd had all you could take of me devouring your breasts I'd lick and kiss my way down to your beautiful pussy. I'd bring my mouth right to your mound and let you feel my hot breath on your skin but I'd make you wait to feel my tongue."

Her eyes rolled back in her head at the thought of him between her legs. "First I would run my hand up and down you while you pleaded for me to touch you deeper. Gently, I'd dip my finger in your depth letting you feel me inside you. Then I'd circle that finger up over your clit and back down into your wetness. Without warning I'd delve into your sweet center with my tongue hungrily lapping up all of your juices. Oh baby, I'd lick you long and hard."

She raised her leg and rested it on the edge of the tub giving her freer access and letting Chris see all of her. He started stroking himself more urgently; "Fuck…I want you so bad."

"You started this. Now finish it. I want to cum for you." She said becoming more excited as she let a finger slip inside her.

"When I knew you were ready to go over the edge I'd bring myself up for a kiss and slide my aching cock inside you making you moan my name. I'd slide in and out of you nice and slow, each time entering into you a bit further making you beg me to fuck you hard, but I'd keep my pace until we were both mindless with desire"

The words were leaving his throat in breathy gasps as the images he was creating mixed with the site before him. One hands fingers were circling her clit while the other hand was pumping furiously in and out of her pussy. Chris stroked himself more eagerly bringing himself closer to his end.

His words washed over her and her pace quickened as her finger glided over her clit. "Don't stop, I'm close." She pleaded.

"Then I'd fuck you. Oh, I'd fuck you so deep and so hard. My tongue lapping at your breasts as my fingers would find your clit and work you until I could feel your walls start to tighten around my prick."

Both of them, getting carried away by their excitement were moaning with intense delight.

"Oh baby, can you feel me fucking you? Slamming into you?"

"Oh god yes, fuck me Chris!"

"Oh yeah, fucking you harder and harder, fuck baby, you feel so good you're going to make me cum."

"Fuck me! Oh god! I'm cuming! Fuck!" she was yelling, thrashing about in the water.

With that they both exploded, each ones cries of pleasure intensifying the others orgasm.

After a moment Chris eased himself down into the water laying his heaving body on top of hers and kissed her gently. She wrapped her arms around him, her touch sent chills through him.

"Wow, that was amazing Chris."

"You are amazing," he said looking deep into her eyes.

She smiled and kissed him, "Well now that we've had a preview, I'm ready for a bit of the real thing."

"Good because I'm no where near done with you."