How Alive, By Sascha © 2000

I often dreamt of watching her unnoticed while she masturbated.  So sneaking into her room was a natural thing for me.  I stood very quiet as she moaned, slowly turning her body one way or another as her hands traveled her hills and valleys, removing her panties or caressing her shoulder length hair.  She moaned softly as her fingers touched her dark brown nipples while they became erect.  Her mouth opened as she ran her spread fingers across her belly, just lightly brushing against the brown pubic hair.  I could not make out any dampness between her luscious thighs, though I would have loved to see. 

She continued her liberal caresses, pinching her nipples again and then cupping her breasts with each hand, as if she were learning her body.  One hand slid down her stomach, brushing over her pubic hair.  I could not see much from this vantage point but I could tell she had spread her lips with one hand, felt them and enjoyed the same velvety touch that I was slowly learning.

The room was cool and dim.  Though it was still early in the morning, her window was lightly cracked open to allow the cool morning breeze to caress her.  The shades were drawn shut for darkness.  From the closet, I could make out her voluptuous figure as she rolled onto her stomach, a hand and pillow beneath her.  Her hair covered her back in a gentle mass.  She stretched out an arm to caress herself with its silkiness.  I could only imagine how it would feel sliding over my skin as I touched myself and began to get hard.  Her breathing was a pleasant rhythm as she rocked her hips against the pillow and her hand.  Sounds came from her voice as I watched her fingers slip into her cunnie.  I watched her hips rock against the pillow quicker first then slower.  I slid my hand into my shorts and slid my hand up and down a few times, precum oozing out.

She rolled onto her back, spreading her legs apart as her hands traveled up and down her body.  I could smell her musky scent.  She reached for a bottle of lotion on the nightstand.  She poured a tiny amount on her stomach and began rubbing it into her skin.  I recognized the bottle as her peach lotion.  Familiar memories played in my head.  I could no longer keep a hand from reaching into my shorts to stroke my cock.  She rubbed lotion over her stomach, breasts, shoulders and arms.  A hand snaked its way to her pussy and two fingers disappeared. 

I brought my cock out of my shorts.  I let my hands roam up and down my shaft while I watched her fingers.  They parted her lips, made circles around the delicate flesh and went back in her pussy again.  She rolled over on her stomach, giving me a full view of her puckered asshole as she spread her legs.  I loved the curvature of her ass.  She stretched out.  Letting out a sigh she rolled back over spreading her long legs completely.  I could see her pussy now, glistening with juice.  She was still stroking her clit.  I knew she loved me to nibble there.  She lifted her hips upward, little whimpers escaped from her lips becoming moans.  Soft moans emitted from her at first, and I heard my name.  I felt a glow in my heart at that moment.

I noticed the precum on my cock was oozing as she came nearer to climax.  I continued to watch her, stroking myself faster in time with her moans.  She cried out, her body shuddered but she slowed her fingers.  I saw her hand go to her mouth, licking her fingers.  Her body relaxed but I was getting hotter.  I pumped my cock faster.  If she could have one more orgasm I thought, one more to get off and sleep to, I would be able to get off with some noise and perhaps hide in her cries. 

She did not stir for a few minutes and I backed off as well.  It appeared that she lay asleep.  I decided to give her a few more minutes before I left through the other side of the closet door from her roommate’s bedroom. 

Nothing.  Silence from her as it appeared she had finally fallen asleep.  She looked so peaceful there, but I knew it was time to leave.  I somehow figured she knew I was there.  She wouldn’t be upset, too much anyway.

I stood in her closet, shorts around my ankles and softening cock in hand.  I was not disappointed entirely, but I knew I had to get out of there before my denied pleasure got to me.  Before I left, I stole another glance at her body, taking in the peaceful sight so I would have something in my head to complete my fantasy as I relieved myself.  It would be the first thing I did once I returned home.  I would then drift off to sleep, perhaps dreaming of her as she dreamt of me.