Dusty & Quincy

Those dashing twin mini's
pic of horses  Once upon a time we were thin, BUT then once upon a time we were also young.  

  Ranch Granny, who is retired, thinks we all need to go on these health diets like a DASH DIET FOR MINI's!  
SO, most of the day we stick our heads in the other stall waiting for the wind to blow alfalfa our way.  We are on pellet low carb food!   May as well eat carboard boxes!

  AND Ranch Granny cut our allowance since we spent it on apples.  We told her, "MOM, (now called Ranch Granny) an apple a day keeps the doctor away!"   She reminded us we have an insulin issue.  Well, now we have a lot of issues but told Mom, "OH we forgot, you can save our allowance for Xmas and we don't need any money during the month."  

  Please don't tell her about our Go Fund Me Page!