September 05, 2015


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07/19/2015    CASTLEWOOD IS COMPLETED  - I love that story!!!   Finally finished!!!!  Proud of me!!!

Well, welcome to September - Welcome to my coffee break!   The site is retired but will still keep posted.  I am retired - NO not from the internet - I mean I am 66 October and work was cut down to 3 days a week.    Will probably go bored but so far I like it - I have time for the horses.   No money to afford them BUT lots of time!    What is odd is you save and save and then by the time you retire you are broke and can't do the things you could when you were young.  SO maybe we should be retired at a young age and go to work starting at 30 or 50.   Not sure but know we can't live in California and afford our horses.   SO, looking at Weatherford Texas, Waco Texas, but California is WAY to expensive.   AND that is the chit chat for Saturday - of course I am not drinking coffee but a marguerita.  Well it is healthy since I put in some orange juice.   I would write endings but I seem to just want to say AND THEY ALL GOT MARRIED AND LIVED HAPPILY - THE END!  Okay, heading off line now.

SO, I still will keep the site but it is a tad retired.


  Bless the men and women in all countries for freedom Military, Police Force, Coast Guard and Fire Departments.  Never forget them. 

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This site will never forget

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Never forget that freedom in the USA and other countries is because of sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters that believe in Freedom and are willing to fight for it.