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My Molly Ann, my helper on weekly Friday chit chat


09_17_18  AND once upon a time I fell asleep on the porch.   Now it does look like our clean up crew is going to think I am a morsel to eat.  Well at 69 and old morsel and a nasty morsel at that!  BUT he was actually heading to the horse water trough for a drink.  Then he goes and stands on a fence post to dry out his wings.  And as all of you know you do not let your small dogs out on a ranch without watching them every second!!!

buzzard09/21/2018  -   Well, my helper spent last night throwing up.   Her name should be  "NO Molly" all day yesterday my Ms. Molly Ann heard, "NO MOLLY, don't eat that weed"  "NO MOLLY that is a leaf"   Then of course our Ms. Molly decides to just throw it all up on the bed.   Gotta love our Ms Molly Ann.