Union, 2000 by B. A. Woodard
All rights reserved - copy/duplication prohibited

 Taut, stretched muscles.
Bound, captive wrists.
Creating glistening droplets.
Sounds of chains
together with
tiny silver, slave bells.
Lingering caresses down my back
traveling over subdued curves.
Swirling fluid and tension.
Fingers exploring
brought up to taste.
Sting of dark, braided leather.
Waves of need.
Explosions of lust.

I belong to you.

 Copyright 2000 B. A. Woodard. No duplication, copying or redistribution of any kind without express written consent of the author. Email: EroticaBabe@hotmail.com  (Delilah Topaz)

 About the Author:  A forty-ish something (ageless actually), always learning and growing writer.  Writing since I was a child, I write a lot and sometimes it turns out to be good.  Hearing you should write about what you know, I naturally turned to erotica.  Happily mated for many years, it's the secret source of my inspiration, along with my muse, naturally.