Perfect Fit, (c) Copyright, Suzie 'LilMizIntrigue' Richards, 2000 
All rights Reserved - copy/duplication probhited

I was feeling sorry for myself after my break-up with my boyfriend. So I went shopping to buy the sexiest clothes I could find to make myself feel better. I was feeling rather naughty as I approached the most expensive shoe and boot store in the mall. I had always wanted to buy sexy high heels or thigh-high boots to wear out clubbing. Now was the time for it. I needed a boost for my broken heart and bruised ego.

As I walked through the doors of the store, I felt instantly horny. There were sexy shoes and boots everywhere, and I so needed to be slutty. I felt the urge to change into one of the sexy outfits I had bought, to complete my transformation.

An older gentleman approached me. His hot body didnít match his graying hair. I looked around for a change room, though I didnít expect a shoe store would have one. I thought I would ask anyway.

"Have you got any change rooms?" I blinked my lush lashes and smiled sweetly.

"Yes, we do, but wouldnít you like to pick out something to try on first? I can help you with that." He was mature but very sexy, with a commanding voice.

"I would like to change into this before I try any shoes." I pulled out the little black dress I had bought earlier.

"That dress would be enough to stop any man in his tracks. With the right shoes you could catch a real man." He moved closer.

I could smell his spicy cologne as I looked into dark eyes. There was an electric charge between us.

"I will put it on then if you will tell me what I should wear on my feet." I sauntered over to the change area, swaying my hips playfully. I was sure his eyes were on me.

I changed into the sexy silk black dress and I decided to put on the sexy silk stay-ups I bought as well. I slid my panties off and put them in the bag with my bra. The lace of my stockings felt snug around my shapely thighs. My breasts pulled at the loose silk as I walked out of the change room. I looked around for him but he was not there.

"I was just locking the door. It is closing time. I want to concentrate on your feet and how we can enhance your already intoxicating looks." He stalked me like a sleek black panther.

"How do I look now?" I lifted my arms high in the air and slowly turned around letting my hair cover part of my face. One of my big green eyes peeked out to look at him. I could tell by his soft murmur and glistening eyes that he liked what he saw. Lifting my arms exposed my full breasts through the deep armholes. Iíd discovered that when trying it on the first time. I bent over slowly, giving him full view of my pink hard nipples. When I straightened to fix my hair I caught him taking a good look at my milky white skin against the black of my dress and hose.

He took my fingertips and guided me to a bench. "Hmmm. You could use a pair of sexy high sling backs. I would think a petite woman such as you could go up to five inches." He dropped to his knees in front of me and took my left foot. "You have a high instep, that is good." His fingers were caressing my foot. I felt his body heat surge through me. Such a masculine man to sell shoes! My body shivered as he played with my tiny toes. His massaging of my foot brought a soft sigh to my lips. I watched his eyes sneak up my bare thighs and widen when he saw I was not wearing any panties. His mouth curled up on one side, showing his approval of what he saw.

" I am going to pick out the perfect pair for you. I would like to see you in a pair of boots also. But first the shoes."

"I want the sexiest you have. I want to sizzle in my new look; drive all the men insane with lust for me. I need to feel better. My ego is smashed." I sat sulking in the soft plush velvet chair. The metal arms were cold on my increasingly hot skin.

"What a sad little thing! Letís make you into the woman you really are." He had a pair of shoes in his hand. His foot hooked a stool close enough for him to sit directly in front of me.

"How do you know they will fit me?"

"I have been doing this for a long time I always get the perfect fit"

He sat on the edge of his stool. One hand cupped my heel as the other unfastened the tiny buckle on the strap. I watched his hands, feeling a slight twinge inside my pussy.

My left leg lifted and set my toes on the stool right under his groin. I felt electricity spark between us as my toes brushed his balls and rested under them. His body heat flowed through my cold toes.

He took my other foot. One hand cradled my heel and the other held my calf firmly. His hand on my heel was holding me tightly as his other hand snaked up my calf to the underside of my knee. I moved my toes up then down against his balls and wormed them deeper under him. To get closer, I squished down on the chair. My dress slid even higher up my thighs. I know he could see my neatly shaved pubes. Could he see my wetness?

"You are a sexy one arenít you?" His fingers massaged my calf as his other hand reached for the shoe. To my surprise, he lifted up my foot and took my toes into his mouth. I groaned with the hot wet submersion. His tongue teased my toes as he sucked. I have always dreamed of a man doing this to me. As quickly as he started, he stopped.

I purred, "I think I am just in need of a man. A real man, one who will give me what I need. I feel so horny and so naughty." My lips smiled seductively at him as my toes played with his balls.

Without a word, his hands worked to get the magnificent shoe on my foot. The black sleek shine of the patent leather against my midnight black silk stocking was mesmerizing.

"As much as I hate to move your other foot, you will need to have both on to walk. You will walk for me wonít you. Youíll be a good girl, right?í

His words brought my nipples to attention, my pussy got even wetter. I nodded. He took my foot from his groin. He was in total control. His hands moved me like a doll spreading my legs shamelessly wider as he put the other shoe on. Knowing he could see my wetness, I squiggled down a little more. My pussy left a trail of wetness on the chair.

"There we are. Stand up and walk over to the mirror on the wall there." He pointed to the back of the store.

I got up trying my best not to sway off the towering heels. I kept my balance and walked tiny steps to stay straight. Swaying my hips, I watched his face in the mirror. He was standing up now and walking towards me.

He came up behind me as I stood looking at myself in the mirror. His hands took the hem of my dress and lifted it up to expose my naked snow-white skin. In silent obedience I lifted my arms as he slid the dress up higher then over my head. I stood there with my erect nipples standing proud and looked at myself. The lacy topped silk hose and heels were all that adorned my petite body.

"Now I think you are ready to walk for me." His hands slid up my hips around my waist to cup my breasts. His fingers reached up to take each nipple between index finger and middle finger. I leaned back into him as he whispered into my ear. "You want me to squeeze them harder donít you?" I nodded against his broad shoulder. I was captivated by his soft authoritative voice.

"Ask me to squeeze them harder. Donít forget to say please."

"Please, squeeze my nipples harder, I like it that way." I writhed against his body lifting my arms taking my hair up and held it there.

His fingers pinched harder making me yelp. I leaned harder into him as he twisted my nipples cruelly.

"Oohh that feels so nice." My pussy was aching now, convulsing. My sweet juices flowed down my thighs. I could smell my musky scent, knowing he could too. I rubbed my naked bottom against his groin. His cock was stiff but not entirely hard yet. My nipples became crimson sharp points.

"Let me walk for you." I tried to turn around but his hands would not allow any movement.

He released my nipples, squeezing my soft breasts before moving his hands down around my waist. His hands held me up as I steadied myself on the heels again. His eyes were dark as I looked up to them.

"Walk over to the wall then back to me twice before stopping. Donít talk at all when you are walking. When you stop in front of me, stand still with your hands on your hips, feet shoulder-width apart."

I walked slowly, as seductively as I could. His instructions burned in my mind. My body craved his touch. Exaggerating every movement like a street whore, I sauntered back and forth. For the second walk I lifted up my arms to hold my long auburn hair and look into his eyes. His hands were busy taking off his clothes but his eyes didnít leave mine. He was feeding on my lust and needs as I walked for him. My sexy legs were accented by sheer hose, beautifully tipped with super sexy heels.

"You are a very nice package. Why any man would leave you, is beyond me. Too horny? You said was the reason? What a gift to a real man you are." His muscular body was revealed now as he stood there. His bikini briefs were stretched out of shape by his erection. I let my eyes trace his body as he watched me feed off his looks.

I stopped in front of him, not saying a word and placed my hands on my hips. I felt like such a prize standing there before him. His eyes didnít leave mine as he stepped towards me. We stood face to face now, me looking up at him. I could feel the heat between us. My mouth opened a little, softening, wanting him to take a kiss from my hungry lips.

"Have you ever been cherished for your libido? Taken for what you are? Given the chance to fully let yourself go?" He took my wrists in his hands and held them firmly. When he did this I felt my pussy expel more hot wet juice. I was so close to orgasm from his touch.

"No. I have never felt free to fully enjoy or express my needs. I have never been cherished. I am very multi-orgasmic and I tire most men out." I sighed deeply, feeling his power rush over me as he took my wrists in one hand and reached up for my hair at the nape of my neck with the other

"Do you want a real man to release your special powers? Would you be willing to give yourself to me so I could take you to a higher place?" His words dissolved into my lips as his brushed mine.

The sensation of his lips so close yet not kissing made me unable to speak. My clit was throbbing, I wanted to bend over and have him take me right there. I loved anal sex but most of the men I dated were not interested. I knew this guy would give me everything I desired. I focused one his face, trying to speak.

" Mmmm, yes. I want to release all my powers to the right man." My flirting with him made my pussy even wetter. I felt his eyes take my lust. His grip tightened a little on my hair. My body shuddered. Closing my eyes, I climaxed.

"So, we agree that I am that man and you will give yourself to me." He moved one step back and released my hair. "You came just now didnít you? Such a little slut! I enjoy a woman who can cum from my touch. I will free your body from any past sexual repression. If I were to tie your hands at the wrists, would you like that?"

"Yes, I would like that. It excites me. I have thought about being tied up and .." His finger pressed on my lips.

"Let me finish that for you. ĎTied up and fucked up the assí?" His mouth curved into a devilish grin.

"Yes. How did you know?" I was drawn to him even more now. He seemed to know my thoughts.

He let go of my wrists and moved away from me. I watched him go into the counter area. He came back with a bundle of cords. I got so excited seeing them, knowing he was going to tie me up and do just what I have craved for so long. My legs were getting shaky in my new shoes. It was the thoughts of sexy shoes and hose that always brought the slutty feelings in my fantasies. I have never had such sexy shoes as these. I felt like a whore and he was going to take me like one.

"Walk over here to the back wall. I have a bench here that I can use to bend you over very nicely. You will be perfect height with your new shoes. Yes, thatís it right here." His hands took my hips and adjusted me to where he wanted me.

I leaned forward over the bench as far as I could. The delicious naughtiness of what this stranger was going to do to me wet my pussy even more. I pressed my tummy on the cold leather and put my arms on its legs. With deft hands he tied my wrists to the bench legs. I could not move them at all but my arms could still move up or down. I got wetter as I tried to pull free but couldnít. I could feel his firm hands guiding me to his fully erect cock. I moaned softly as it brushed against my ass cheek.

Hot wet saliva fell onto my rosebud and seeped into the crinkles, heating up my already hot lust. He spit more onto my hot bud, making me writhe in anticipation. The head of his cock pushed firmly onto my bud. I could feel the slight hesitation at my tight muscle. I moaned loud as his fingers gripped into my flesh and he told me he was going to push through and enter me.

His cock stretched me open and filled the very opening of my ass. The burning sensation sparked the fire of my need. I pushed onto him as he slid his head into my hot dry rectum. Deeper and deeper his cock sank into my ass. I could feel his hands ease on my flesh as he filled my body with his cock. As his cock dragged outward I felt the sensation of emptiness. The force of him entering again was enough pain/pleasure to make me yelp. Soon the thrusting became intoxicating. I began to push even more into him as his balls slapped against my wet hot pussy. I moaned deeply as he took my ass.

"Hmmmm I always get a perfect fit! I could tell the minute you walked into my store that you would be. Your ass would look much better with a nice pink glow. Perhaps next time." His breath was hard and fast now as he plunged deep and pulled out almost completely.

In and out his cock rammed into my hungry ass. I held tighter onto the legs of the bench as his thrusts became harder. We were beginning to move it a little with the force of his thrusts. One of his hands took my hair at the back of my head as the other held down the small of my back, stopping my movements. With my head held up and my back arching as far as it could go, I felt him slow down his pace.

His cock pulled out of my ass completely before entering again, pulling out then thrusting deep again. His head pushed through again slowly sliding up deeper and deeper inside me. I moaned and grunted for him to give me his load. I felt my climax ready to burst. My pussy throbbing with the need to explode my flood. His fingers gripped my hair tighter and his body weight fell on top of me as he bellowed out his orgasm. Hot wet creme filled my rectum as he rammed into my tight ass. His heat filled my insides as my pussy exploded against his thighs.

Breathing fast and hard, we stood with him arched over me, his cock deep inside my hot cum-filled rectum. I twisted my head back. His mouth took mine in a passionate kiss as I moaned into his mouth. I felt the last twitch of his cock inside me. His wet kiss left drool on my open lips as he pulled away. His wet mouth trailed across my face to my ear. He whispered. " I donít think you have to worry about being alone anymore." His words spilled into my empty heart, filling me with desire to be his girl. I had only been looking for shoes, but I had found a perfect fit.