Learning to serve
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What a weekend. So much to change my life. I had finally given into my fantasy of being a submissive sex toy to a Mistress. I did not want some dungeon dame, so I was very apprehensive of our first meeting. I was shocked at our first meeting, because Mistress Ann was such a beautiful woman. Long tanned legs with blonde hair and a Barbie doll figure. Guys like me donít get girls like this. My training had begun and what a wonderful feeling filled my self. I laid awake for hours thinking about my encounter with this beautiful woman who was now my Mistress. Just saying "Mistress" turns me on to my submissive self. My aching body was just a constant reminder of the sensual pleasure I had experienced this weekend. I was high as could be and couldnít wait for the next meeting. I awoke early, aroused and ready for the day. I had to shave some extra areas of my body, since Mistress Ann had shaved all the hair off my dick and balls and from around my nipples. I also tied my balls and dick with the strap as ordered. My balls were high on my dick. I wondered if anyone could see my crotch was bigger than usual. The balls were rubbed all day by my thighs and that just made my dick harder all day long. This woman knew how to tease a guy thatís for sure. I waited all day for that phone to ring for instructions for my next training session. There was no ring and that night I was so horny but did not dare jerk off as ordered by Mistress Ann.

Three nights later, no call, so I decided to get myself ready to go to bed. Then from nowhere the cell phone rings. I jumped to answer it. "Iíll be at my place in twenty minutes, be there waiting at my door" click. My dick got hard, my throat dry and my heart pounded as I threw on a pair of gym shorts with a tee shirt and ran out the door. Of course I tied my balls and dick like ordered. Iíd done that all week.

I got there before Mistress Ann and waited. All of a sudden a sports car pulled in and out comes this woman that was a scene from a playboy mag. She was wearing one of those tube type, skin tight dresses that went from the top of her tits to just below her ass. She was swaying her ass and you could tell she had a few strong drinks. I stood there with my mouth opened, my heart pounding and my dick like a rock. "Am I too sexy for you tonight" she asked. I still couldnít answer. She just laughed. She was extremely sexy, Iíd never seen this side of her. Wow. She opened the door and told me to get in. As we entered the phone rang and it was Maritsa " hey, just seeing if you were in yet, we were hot tonight girl, thereís a lot of guys jerking off right now. Iím just getting in an ready to give my vibrator a workout, see you soon". Mistress Ann just laughed and laughed. She told me to get ready and called her back. "Hey, it was hot, you are one sexy girl. Well Iím going to get my dick ready for a hot night too." Maritsa didnít know about me.

I came in and immediately laid at her feet. She smiled and walked around to kick my ass. Pussy boy, lift your ass so I can get a real good kick. Smack. Smack. Arenít you going to thank me or do I have to kick all night." "Thank you for kicking my ass, Mistress Ann" "Thatís better". She ordered me onto my knees. She pulled the lead that was attached to my packaged dick and balls, while I groaned in pain and she also stretched my neck with the lead on the collar. Then she let go. As she walked around me she said "you men are all the same. You know how many men wanted to fuck me tonight"

"I bet most Mistress Ann" She kicked my ass. They all looked right through this dress, but that was my plan, I love to torture you ass hole men. Then she laughed, "that Maritsa could torture, I bet she could drive you nuts" She stood in front of me. "You know, they all wanted my pussy, but none worshiped or live for my pussy, so none get it. Do you worship my pussy". "I do Mistress" While sheís talking she is rubbing her body and swaying to tease me like crazy. She went around me and cuffed my hands behind my back. She slowly lifted her one piece dress, there wasnít much of a lift, and I could see the patch of her thong, then she lowered the top and revealed her tits. She smiled as I groaned and moaned in my approval. She then rubbed her tits and licked her nipples. She then lowered the crumpled dress and kicked it way. The whole time sheís telling me how she tortured all the ass holes at the club. She then removed the thong and put it in my mouth to taste. She took it out threw it on the floor. She grabbed my head and stuck it into her pussy and said to worship this pussy and do what you are told, then pulled my head back. I only got a few licks but is sure tasted great. I was so hot and ready to cum. She walked around me again and out of the drawer she pulled a dildo. She stood in front of me and rubbed it against her pussy, moaning with delight and laughing at me with my tongue out. While rubbing her tits she put the dildo up her pussy and began to fuck herself. She was telling me how great it was to feel the dildo up her pussy and how she loved to fuck. Oh man was I hot. She took the dildo out of her pussy before she came and she looked at me with my mouth open and tongue out. "Here pussy boy, suck this dick". She shoved it in my mouth and I sucked her juices like crazy.

She pulled the dick lead and drug me over to the sofa. You know my pussy likes a hot ass, so get over my knees and I will give you a hot spanking. Oh wow. I got over her beautiful legs, and she began spanking. I was surprised how much her hand could hurt my ass. She then put on a leather glove and continued smacking. I was flinching and squirming as she just went nuts beating my ass. As she spanked the hell out of me she kept saying, "Oh yeah its getting nice and red". It sure was. About fifty smacks latter she pushed me off and said to get across the table. I stood and leaned over the table. She put her pussy against me and said "Yes, nice and hot". She pushed and grind her pussy against my ass. Wow, this was great to be able to make my Mistress happy. My head was racing with excitement.

She sat on the sofa and said "Ok eat my pussy" I began to eat and lick and bite and suck as much as I could get, I wanted to please this diva. She moaned her approval and just kept saying, "eat my pussy, eat my pussy, you live to do nothing but eat my pussy". "Let your tongue go deep inside me and fuck my pussy, deeper, harder". Then she closed her legs around my head, tensed her body and came in my face while moaning and hitting my back with her hands. "Keep sucking it dry pussy sucker, donít stop now". She again started pumping her pussy into my face, she was ready to go again. Her body was beginning to sweat, it smelled great, and her pussy was wet. She kept pumping and my tongue went deeper.

She ordered me to the floor on my back. It was uncomfortable with my hands cuffed behind me. She untied my dick, not my balls, and stood over me. I could see the wet pussy lips, and wanted more. She then knelt on my face put that pussy over my lips. She said to very slowly lick the goddess pussy. I did as ordered. She told me to obey the pussy and to show respect by being very gentle with my tongue. Only lick the lips. Then she opened the lips and said to enter further. Iíve always been good at holding onto my load, but this was getting difficult. "See that clit, thatís your master, tell it you love it" "I love you clit, and I will obey you". "Good". She got up and put her fingers in her pussy, then put the juice on my tongue.

She could sense I was about to cum so she smacked my nipples. OWWW!!! "I donít like these nipple clamps, Iíll have to find a sexier idea" and she ripped them off, leaving my nipples sore as hell. It did stop my cumming before she was ready. She had me roll over and she took off the cuffs and then she rolled me back on my back and cuffed my hands over my head to the leg of the sofa. She kneeled down over my waist and dropped her gorgeous tits into my face. She teasingly had me suck each tit. When I was really hot again she lifted up, slid back, grabbed my dick and put it into her pussy. She went nuts pounding my dick into her, each time she shoved my dick into her she was hitting her pussy onto my balls. She loved it and so did I. She was jumping, moaning and finally said "Cum in my pussy, put that hot cum deep in me you little fuck." My body heaved up filled her pussy as ordered. She came when she felt the cum in her pussy. The sight of those tits bouncing in front of me was such a turn on, especially when she grabbed them and pulled her nipples when she came on my dick.

Of course once I stopped cumming, she moved to my face, sat on it and said "now eat all that cum and suck my juices until my goddess pussy is dry" I sucked like crazy. I was now to the point where eating my cum was such a turn on, because it was such a submissive and slave thing to do.

Once dry, I licked her legs and my lips to be sure I got it all. She got up and smiled at me. Then she ordered me to my hands and knees, undid the cuffs and pulled my balls into the bedroom. "Pussy boy, get a nice hot cloth and wash the goddess pussy. I did as ordered, came back into the room as she laid in bed. I washed and dried her pussy, then powdered her crotch area and tits, oiled her legs and back and made her real relaxed. She loved it, and I was being a slave. She had me get a red negligee out of the drawer and I put in on her, careful not touch her tits unless ordered. She ordered me to kneel at her side on the bed. She very teasingly, touched my balls and dick. She untied the dick lead and played with my balls. I was getting hard again, and she was getting hot. She put my balls in her mouth and I went wild. She squeezed my dick and the pleasure continued. This Mistress could really fuck. She was now blowing on my balls and licking the head of my dick. It was effective, because I was hard as could be.. "Pussy boy go between my legs and eat some more pussy" Again, I licked and sucked while she got higher and higher. It wasnít too long before she again came in my face. I licked every bit up until she was dry. She moaned and screamed in satisfaction.

She ordered my to my knees at the end of the bed. She moved down in front of me and showed me her pussy again. "This is what you worship, tell me"

"Oh Mistress Ann I worship your pussy, I live for your pussy, Iíll do anything to make your pussy happy, Iím your sex toy to enjoy"

"Good, my pussy needs to know that" She then rubbed it, opened her pussy lips and played with her clit and moaned and made such sexy sounds I was going nuts. Thatís what she really liked. She then had me grab my dick and rub it. "Thatís good pussy boy, I want you to jerk off for me and cum all over my feet." I stroked my hard dick to her delight. " Go on fuck yourself for me, pump that cum onto my feet, I want you to shot that hot cum on me" That was it I came all over her feet. She rubbed the cum with her feet and said " Pussy wants you to lick it all off" I did lick and kiss her feet and suck her toes until she was dry. I again ate my own cum. When done I said "Thank you Mistress Ann for having me eat my cum and serve you". She smiled at my sight and my progress and said to leave, but be here Saturday morning at 10:00. She had plans for me.

My life was transforming before me and I was so excited. I had always worshiped womenís bodies, they are so beautiful. I never could be strong in sex because I was so overwhelmed with a womanís beauty. This was ideal for me. But the thought of actually being a sex slave were still hard to comprehend, and I know I was no longer fighting the desire, just enjoying the experience.