Enrapture Me, (c) Copyright  MissRed412, 2000
Author:  MissRed412 - MissRed412@aol.com
All rights reserved - copy/duplication prohibited

I want to wrap the night around me
shrug light off my daytime skin
absorb the moonbeamed midnight air, free
myself for carnal sin.

I want a pillow for us to share
fluffy and soft and wrapped in silk
like red & black licorice, blended hair
meshing, as mouths drink lover's milk.

I want your fingertips to heat
soft, scented skin, leaving trails of smoke
surrounding us, the musky-sweet
aroma of our passion's cloak.

I want to lay my head upon
the heart I so intoxicate
to hear love's echo, pulsing on
through early morning, tempting fate.

I want your lips to take me where
the rainbows live, and fires burn
so kiss my secret places, dare
to make me beg, to help me learn.

I want to fill my cup with you
it longs to drink of essence pure
your creamy lifeblood, magic brew
will feed my hunger, as you pour.

I want to know you inside out
our sweat to run in single bead
so let us wrap the night about
our loneliness, that's all we need.

Lori Williams